About Roc’s

Roc’s Towing Services has been successfully operating since 1996. In 2013, owner Roc Puccini has expanded the business with a second tow truck operated by his son, Cos Puccini. As classic car owners and ANDRA motor racers, we understand the importance of towing each vehicle with great care and safety. With over 17 years experience servicing local and rural areas, Roc’s Towing Services looks after all of your towing requirements including, but not limited to:

- Light machinery up to 8.5 tonne

- General break downs

- Classic cars

- Race cars

- Show cars

- 20 foot shipping containers

Should you require a service other than the above, please contact Roc or Cos via phone, email or private message to discuss.


Contact us or Book A Tow

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To Organise A Tow Contact Roc or Cos Directly
Email: rocstowingservices@outlook.com

Name: Roc - 0412 811 866
Cos - 0423 727 071